Analyze Risk In Real-time

What do threats to your network look like? Before openSIMS this was easy to answer; lines of text in your log files. Now there's openSIMS. Watch the live demo now!

Help Support The openSIMS Project

We're focused on creating the first open source tool for "Community Centric Security". And by community, we mean you. Join the project, download the code, give us feedback, or bitch about what we're missing. Just help support the project today!


We've integrated Nmap, Snort, Nagios, and Nessus into a common event correlation framework. This means you can take events from your existing open source network tools.


openSIMS ships with our award winning interface (2004 Apple Design Award Runner-up). Want to see what our open source flash interface can do for your network? Check out our live demo!


If being able have a real-time view of the threats to your network, and a way to remediate them, is important to you check out openSIMS. Better yet, download the code and start using it today. Logo